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The day was wet and windy, the names of Ozzie, Pub played football for years.... anyway back to the story..... okij as I said, it was wet and windy one okij day, just let my wife had Deddie at home in bed while I decided to turn to our local derby, which needed a win okij to stay in the league for a season have. Debbie was being today because we were expecting three boys to come to fix our kitchen sink, toilet and bathroom. and the party was canceled, so I thought I was going back home to the wife, instead of getting caught drinking with the boys. Stand at the door and just before entering the apartment they heard noises from inside, so I slowly opened the door and went to see what was happening. I approached the classroom door was open, I could not believe what I saw next..... There were these three guys playing their fingers, and fuck my wife saw that, as she was enjoying it so much that beg to be fucked hard by all of them in turns. I was shocked and my first reaction would have been in the storm and fuck them all, but I was becoming.... I pulled my cock now very hard and I started exactly the same time that these types of double penetrate his straw, while the other was fucking her mouth. already made quickly for about 10 minutes before any of them out in different holes. At this point, I shot my load on the door and want to see more before separating from his party together. After 10 minutes they were again, where it becomes its meaning to fuck in every hole possible. this was immediately hard again, but he did pull, I have decided to participate in the living room and I thought that everyone looked at me like saying go, okij ' what do you think theres many of us have ' to my surprise my wife asked me to always gangbanged video and for me, join the fun, once you had enough of the facts in our home. this made me wanna shit even harder, as my own little slut deserves to fuck every night was in an n since all this happened, we had friends and couples once a month, damn the shit out of each other and still are strong.
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